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Little Lending Library

Residents build one for Evergreen

little lending libraryDecember 12, 2014

Evergreen has a new little lending library! The concept has been spreading across the country – miniature "libraries" containing an assortment of free books placed in convenient locations around cities. Books of all kinds are left by generous donors who want to share their love of reading. Anyone is welcome to take a book, read and return it, or even keep it. The circle of donating and taking continues, and everyone benefits!

Evergreen's little lending library was lovingly built by our own residents in our Lester Bettin Woodshop.

Benches for ShareHaven

Built by a few good men!

October 3, 2014

All it takes is an idea, and the men in the Evergreen woodshop are ready to get to work!

Now that renovations to our ShareHaven memory care building are complete, the last step is to finish re-landscaping the backyard private garden area. And what could be better than adding new seating! With that thought in mind, four residents and one community volunteer took on the project of planning and creating four attractive outdoor wooden benches. They even tweaked the original design plan by adding armrests for comfort.

Under the leadership of Life Enrichment Specialist Ellen Peters, the Evergreen woodshop has developed into an enjoyable place for residents to work on group and individual projects. Thank you Ed Steineke, Henry Krueger, Dick Ertmer, Bernie Wapp and Dave Cameron for the beautiful benches!

Evergreen Men Gone Fishin' Today!

September 16, 2014

Red Suspenders Club

They're at it again! The Red Suspenders Club pulled up their suspenders, put on their "Let 'r Snap" caps, boarded the Evergreen bus and headed off on another adventure, this time to their favorite fishing hole in New London. They tell me they'll catch a few trout, have them cleaned on the spot, and then bring them back here for the Evergreen Culinary Team to prepare for dinner.

Outdoor fun in the sun, great companionship, and trout for dinner! What could be better?


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