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Leave a Legacy Guild

Giving Changes the Course of History

Legacy Giving History
Evergreen’s history of legacy giving began in 1982 with its first bequest received. In 1988 Evergreen’s first significant bequest came from founder Howard Rowland. Rowland’s dream for Evergreen was secured through the Howard Rowland Trust whose annual earnings continue to help offset Evergreen’s benevolent need each year.

By the year 2000, Evergreen realized from 59 estate donors bequests totaling $2,412,000. Fifteen years later an additional 52 bequests generated $5,312,685, thus bringing a total of $7,724,685 from 111 estates.

Since its beginning, Evergreen has reaped many benefits through the Rowlands’ legacy of faith. It has inspired Evergreen to change, improve and grow. Likewise, the Evergreen Foundation has reaped the benefits of the Rowlands’ legacy of generosity. It has inspired many to help change the course of Evergreen history.

Legacy Giving Planned Today for Tomorrow
Legacy giving impacts lives legacy donors may never know. As with all kinds of giving, legacy giving comes in many different ways. Yet all giving is alike: it makes a difference, and it comes from the heart!

Requests for information about making a gift to the Evergreen Foundation through your estate may be directed to the Vice President of Foundation Advancement at 920-237-2120. Please consult your legal or financial planner for information specific to your estate.

Leave a Legacy Guild
The Leave a Legacy Guild is comprised of both planned giving and bequest donors. Planned giving donors have informed us that Evergreen is a beneficiary in their estates; bequest donors’ estate gifts have been received by Evergreen.

Legacy planned giving continues to see its upward spiral. Between 2000 and 2015, the Leave a Legacy Guild welcomed 43 new members. Periodically we are given notice of receiving unexpected estate gifts. While we are gratefully surprised, our growing the Leave a Legacy Guild membership has many purposes. Knowing of our planned giving members’ plans enables us to express our loving gratitude during their lifetimes. It also enables us to share with the entire Evergreen community our heartfelt appreciation for their generous and loving foresight.

Leave a Legacy Guild Benefits
You are invited to gift the Evergreen Foundation through your will or other estate plan and become a Leave a Legacy Guild member. You will help keep the Evergreen dream alive through your compassion and dedication to the work we do. In addition to remembering your heirs, you can choose from many different estate tools to remember Evergreen while possibly reaping tax advantages.

  • You can name your estate plan as unrestricted to be used for most needed projects or restricted for specific purposes.
    o Unrestricted funds are used for purposes as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors;
    o Restricted funds can be identified for your special interest; for the endowment fund whose interest may be used annually; or for the benevolent fund used for residents who outlive their financial resources.
  • You will be gratefully appreciated for having named Evergreen as a beneficiary in your estate plan.
    o You will be invited to an annual reception with members of the Foundation, Evergreen and Village Boards of Directors;
    o Unless you choose to remain anonymous, you will be recognized on the Founders Grove Recognition Wall and in the annual Foundation spring issue of Green Leaves.
  • You will experience the satisfaction of planning to impact the lives of Evergreen residents for generations to come.
  • You will help continue the Rowlands’ legacy of generosity by inspiring others to follow your example.

For more information, contact Vice President Foundation Advancement Carol C. Staszkiewicz at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (920) 237-2120.