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Express Yourself

Maybe you are an experienced artist or woodworker. Maybe you never knew you had it in you. But at Evergreen you can find your creative side!

 art center k dillonAgeless Art CenterAgeless Art Center - Located off the lower level Commons area, the Ageless Art Center is a place to create in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere. Weekly classes allow residents to explore the basics and experiment with many forms of art including drawing, painting and sculpture through a variety of media. Evergreen's Ageless Art Center focuses on the process of creating rather than on the final piece. Led by an experienced staff artist, classes are open to all residents and no experience is necessary. Express yourself through art!

Evergreen Choir - Love to sing? Experienced or just learning, lift your voice in song! Express yourself through music. Concerts scheduled for family and friends to share our love of music.

lapidary stonesLapidary Stones

Lapidary Shop - Lapidary is the cutting and polishing of stones. The Lapidary Shop at Evergreen is located off the lower level Commons area and is managed by the Oshkosh Earth Science Club. Residents are welcome to attend workshops to learn how to cut, shape and polish stones into unique jewelry items, belt buckles, decorative objects and more. For more information, contact Ann Voges at (920) 725-1640.

Lester Bettin Woodshop - Evergreen's Lester Bettin Woodshop, located off the lower level garage area, is available for use by residents and staff. A wide variety of power tools and hand tools are easily accessible while standing or sitting. Natural light from large windows is supplemented by overhead fixtures that make the room a bright and safe place to work. The generous workspace can accommodate several projects at once including personal and group projects.

Never worked in a woodshop before? That's ok! Assembling, painting, staining and other hands-on jobs do not require woodworking experience. Our skilled team is ready to help interested residents get involved in creating beautiful group projects even if they have not worked in a woodshop before.

woodshop 1Power Tools    woodshop 2Comfortable Access
to Tabletop Tools

woodshop 3A Variety of Hand Tools