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Campaign Tops $3 Million Goal

August 3, 2017

The Evergreen Foundation is pleased to announce that the Building Community Campaign has topped our $3 million goal! As of July 1, 2017, 284 donors have gifted Evergreen with cash, pledges, planned estate gifts and bequests totaling $3,139,362.

Like the Master Site Plan campus-wide renovations historically upgrading every area of the campus, the Building Community Campaign income includes two of the six largest bequests in Evergreen history. With great appreciation for our long-time, generous Evergreen friends, the donors of these two bequests are remembered with the Thomas E. Neta Memorial Library and the Charles R. Behnke Community Center.

Donations have helped ease the financial stretch of our campus-wide renovations that are transforming the Evergreen campus. They have also helped grow the Evergreen Foundation endowment. We are overwhelmed and deeply grateful for our donors who supported the Building Community Campaign.