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Building and Grounds

One of the best reasons to move to Evergreen is to be able to relax in the knowledge that your home and yard are being taken care of by a skilled crew of Evergreen staff.

Building Services

peter smithPeter Smith, Maintenance

At move-in, our skilled building services crew will welcome you with the assistance you need to get settled and feel comfortable more quickly.

  • Hanging your pictures
  • Disposing of your packing materials
  • Connecting your electronic devices
  • Explaining heat and air controls
  • Explaining appliances and how to work them
  • Showing where to place trash and recyclables
  • Providing weather radios and battery-operated lanterns in the Village and Homes

Then you can count on building services to provide ongoing support.

  • Scheduled trash pick-up
  • Seasonal maintenance of heating and cooling systems and filters
  • Maintenance of other facility equipment such as emergency lighting and fire safety systems
  • On call for building emergencies such as water leaks, furnace problems, electrical issues, etc.


bernie wapp on trailWalking trail though
the Evergreen woodlands
Maintained year-round by our experienced grounds staff, Evergreen's 35 acres of outdoor spaces offer choices for a variety of recreational activities.

  • Walk or bike through 7 acres of natural beauty on Evergreen's nature trail along Sawyer Creek. Find hundreds of species of flora and lots of interesting wildlife.
  • Join the Evergreen Garden Club and grow your own vegetables in our convenient and accessible raised-box community gardens.
  • Gather a group and play some bocce ball on our outdoor court.
  • Catch some fish or just enjoy the water view from our pier on Sawyer Creek.
  • Enjoy a multitude of flower gardens with the usual favorites as well as special unique varieties.
  • Take a break in Garden Grove to enjoy the babbling water stream.

Grounds Coordinator Chris Bellin is Master Gardener and a resource for plant identification, diagnosis, and consultation for private garden areas on the Evergreen campus.

Read The Grounds Gazette for a monthly update from the Grounds Crew.

For Your Safety on Campus

CarePoint is Evergreen's wireless emergency assistance system which provides coverage over the entire campus for independent and some assisted living residents. Stroll the campus with the assurance that you will be able to call for emergency help if needed by activating your CarePoint pendant or bracelet.

Building security is important for the safety of residents and staff. In conjunction with security cameras, a timed door-locking system on the main entry doors helps monitor traffic in and out of the Manor Building. Lesser-used but convenient side doors are always kept locked. A key fob individually assigned to most residents provides a keyless means to easily gain entry to the side doors anytime and the main doors after hours.