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Bringing the public library to you

The Evergreen Residents Council Library Committee, in cooperation with the Oshkosh Public Library, coordinates the rotation of books from the public library into the Fireside Lounge and Creekview North library areas. Special requests for specific titles are accommodated and books may be borrowed for up to two months. In addition, the Creekview North library also offers electronic e-books. Volunteers deliver books directly to resident accommodations if desired.

Drop-off Location

Evergreen is also the west-side drop-off location for the Oshkosh Public Library. The partnership between Evergreen and the library makes it easier for any Oshkosh resident on this side of town to return library books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and other library materials without the need to travel across town.

Evergreen transports returned items to the library daily (except for days when the library is closed). The drive-through book return is located on Westfield Street at the exit of Evergreen's front circle drive.

Little Free Lending Library

Evergreen has a new little lending library! The concept has been spreading across the country – miniature "libraries" containing an assortment of free books placed in convenient locations around cities. Books of all kinds are left by generous donors who want to share their love of reading. Anyone is welcome to take a book, read and return it, or even keep it. The circle of donating and taking continues, and everyone benefits!

Evergreen's little lending library was lovingly built by our own residents in our wood shop.