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Evergreen owns a fleet of transportation vehicles and has several drivers on staff to provide both group and personal transportation for residents.

Group Transportation

The Evergreen bus takes residents at no charge on scheduled group outings such as grocery shopping, group luncheons and other planned group activities.

Personal Transportation

Evergreen offers one-way and round-trip personal transportation for a fee seven days a week to current residents for doctor appointments, private visits, airport pick-ups/drop-offs and other personal errands. Personal transports are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Transportation is also available for Evergreen At Home clients as well as for former Creekview Rehabilitation Center residents who have been discharged and need transportation to and from Evergreen for out-patient therapy. Families or caregivers are welcome to accompany a transport at no additional charge.

Service Rates for current residents:

   One-way in city $6.00
   Round trip in city $12
   Outside city limits $12/half hour + $.50/mile

Service Rates for former Creekview Rehabilitation Center residents:

   One-way in city $7.00
   Round trip in city $14

Service Rates for Evergreen At Home clients:

   Call 920-237-2155 for pricing information.

To schedule personal transportation:

   Village, Homes and Manor Apartment residents - call the Front Office at 233-2340

   Garden Place, Garden Terrace, Garden Heights, Manor View and ShareHaven residents
   - call Michele Konitzer at 237-6223

   Creekview North and Creekview South residents - call Liz Bellin at 237-6202

   Creekview Rehabilitation Center residents - call Lynn Dubinski at 237-6212

   Former Creekview Rehabilitation Center residents - call the Front Office at 233-2340

   Evergreen At Home clients - call  237-2155